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Wright Interprets Wright

Bedroom design with Frank Lloyd Wright’s Fallingwater house in mind

I love creating environments that are specific to the client’s dreams and inspirations. Designing furniture and fixtures from scratch for a very personalized and unique home is incredibly gratifying.

I recently completed a project for a client that loves Frank Lloyd Wright, particularly his Fallingwater house. They asked me to use this iconic house as inspiration for the design of their bedroom.

I pulled all sorts of inspiration from that house to design their custom bed, closets, rug and art. But let’s talk about this bed first!

The overall concept came from winter scenes of the house. Why? Frank Lloyd Wright was very successful at camouflaging his homes in their surrounding environments, and, prior to visiting the house, online references were my only visual sources.

I was inspired by the horizontal, linear quality of the house, and of course FLW’s signature cantilevered design.
This digital rendering I found of the house drove home the inspiration for the mirrored closet doors.

I found that I was able to see the form of the house, and the detail of the architecture better, when it was enveloped by the white of the snow. Additionally, my clients are color-blind, and the silvery-white wonderland struck me as a perfect palette for their bedroom.

The wallpapered ceiling feels like a wispy and shimmery winter sky, and the geometric bamboo silk rug completes the concept.

The dimensions of the bed are all multiples of 3, and the platform and night stands are meant to have the appearance that they are floating.

Photography: Brittany Ambridge

My client loved it! See what they had to say in testimonial ‘Resourceful’.

Photography: Brittany Ambridge
  • Design: InsideWright
  • Bed: Reason Modern
  • Wall mounted pendants: Pablo Designs
  • Accents: ABC Carpet and Home
  • Geometric bamboo rug: Summit Rug
  • Wallpaper for the ceiling: Innovations

Let me know your thoughts, I’d greatly appreciate your feedback.

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