InsideWright’s midcentury interior featured in HGTV Magazine

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InsideWright’s midcentury interior featured in HGTV Magazine

I love working with color.

It was validating to read this fascinating research from 1963:

…brain wave activity was LOWER in the colorful room than in the grey room and heart response was SLOWER in the colorful room. Therefore, we may conclude that a dull environment tends to prod brain activity, which may induce anxiety, fear, and distress …

from Frank & Rudolf H. Mahnke’s book “Color and Light in Man-Made Environments”, commenting on Rikard Küller’s paper entitled “The Use of Space — Some Psychological and Philosophical Aspects”.

Cover photographed by Michael Larsen. Home with gorgeous red walls photographed by Brittany Ambridge.

Here’s a good example: one of the recent InsideWright’s interior design projects has been featured in HGTV Magazine.

Do you want light over your dining table, but are either not allowed to or don’t want to go through the trouble of installing a junction box in the ceiling? I steered this client in the direction of types of light fixtures that could likely be converted to a plug-in drape pendant. When they found one they liked, I started the research. I purchased the parts needed and Oriental Lamp Shade Company converted it. My trusty installer put it into place.

This client has impeccable taste and didn’t need hand-holding. She asked me to weigh in on colors and furniture before she purchased. I recommended where to shop, and found pieces which she couldn’t find on her own. It was a true collaboration. She wasn’t in a rush and I didn’t rush her. We spent 2 years adding design elements to her home.

I love the contrasts here: soft, muted tones in the rug, art, and wall… with an earthy red, dead center, flanked by black. The balance of colors and shapes create a grounded movement.

The visual scale is everything in design. The marble statue used to live on a nearby credenza. I placed it on the floor near the chair because I had a hunch that it would work. To the client’s surprise… this favorite figure by Deborah Luna worked beautifully on the floor. It was eventually flanked by the slender, bottom-heavy drink table.

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