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Biophilic Design in an Urban Jungle

While there are some backyards to be found in Manhattan, they tend not to be on the 12th floor.

I’m a huge fan of designing concept spaces. After a few difficult life changes, I decided to embark on creating an oasis of my own.

I wanted quite a literal backyard. Starting with turf, and scouring Getty Images for an image with grass in the foreground to seamlessly transport you into the great outdoors, was quite the challenge. An image of the Lake District in Cumbria, England by Jeremy Walker, would prove to be perfect. Designing a bespoke drape pendant with fish traps would be the literal crowning glory of the space.

An unexpected treat that made the space feel even more magical was the addition of home automation. The ability to control lights, music, and entertainment from my phone enhances the comfort of the space in a manner I could not have imagined. Thank you, Premiere Systems Design and Control 4.

Photography: Andrew Frasz.

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