Interior Design Services

I believe in making spaces that bring together art, design, and interior elegance. Interior design rarely starts as a blank canvas. My approach to interior design is to discover the beauty that is unique to my clients. Some clients enjoy the sleek lines of modern design. Others prefer the warm, inviting touches of contemporary interiors. Or the timeless elegance of mid-century modern architecture. Whether you prefer a specific style or to combine elements into something more eclectic, my goal is always the same – to bring your vision to life.

I bring the essence of your personality into a style that is unique to you.  Great design reflects a meticulous attention to detail across four major phases. Every decision contributes to an amazing end result that is striking, yet serene.

Interior Design Consultation and Discovery

The first step in any engagement is understanding both the goals and needs of my clients. I enjoy working on kitchen remodeling projects for families with young children in New York City apartments. However, that type of project is different from designing a cozy pied-à-terre for a retired couple. Or a bachelor pad for the partner of a law firm. In these initial conversations, I learn about points of frustration and aesthetic preferences.

This consultation sets the stage for a design. The design will match your lifestyle, timeline, and budget. During these talks, we may also discuss sources of inspiration and vendors. We will cover basic logistics for access to your home and the budget.

We will also need to discuss the scope of the project. Design projects in New York City must often consider space limits, historical preservation and building rules for high-rise living. These rules can be overwhelming for homeowners.

Suburban homes may have bigger entertainment spaces and outdoor living areas. They also have more rooms that need furniture, artwork and accessories.

My goal for discovery is to understand the priorities. I aim to balance timeless design, cost, sustainability, and local culture – whether the project is in New York, Westchester, Long Island, Connecticut or New Jersey!

Interior Design Process​

Once we start, the design process begins with precise space planning to set dimensions.  All projects will have floor plans as part of this phase. The complexity varies. For complex scenarios, you may need 3D models and renderings to aid visualization and planning.

In my design method, I focus on functionality and workflow first. Then, I add in aesthetic elements and finishes. We have all been in beautiful kitchens. But, they sometimes have awkward cabinets or misplaced appliances. This makes inefficient use of the space. I come up with creative solutions to many of these challenges, as many clients and contractors find it difficult to conceptualize what is possible. Sometimes, custom millwork, bespoke furniture or a different product line is necessary. This phase completes with full specifications and vendor estimates. The client is presented with them so that there are no surprises.

Purchasing and Design Curation​

We handle buying and managing all elements that go into the design. This ensures the design plan is executed as intended. I call this design curation, as projects require something more than simple management to be successful.

My methodology is something that has evolved – starting from what I learned from my parents who were art historians and refined through years of my own design training and interior design experience.

To realize your vision in a streamlined manner, we offer white-glove, coordinated delivery. This means all furniture and large purchases are received and checked for correct color, size and defects.

As pieces frequently arrive from multiple sources on different timelines, they will also be stored in a secured facility before a coordinated delivery and installation can take place. 

There is nothing piecemeal about design curation – and both clients and our professional installation teams appreciate the ability it affords for everyone to do their work without delay and with maximum efficiency.

Walkthrough & Installation

Our team oversees the installation process to bring the space to life. When the project involves renovations, we ensure the punch list is completed by contractors.

The final construction walkthrough must meet our clients’ expectations.

A post-construction cleaning crew performs a deep cleaning before furniture and accessories arrive.

Our project management expertise has led everything here. We collaborate with all vendors who may be installing lighting, window treatments, appliances, electronics, art, and accessories.

At last, everyone has completed their job but we stay until the end – from plumbing to pillows – as my grandmother used to say.


The culmination of many projects is the grand reveal. It is a special moment to walk into your new creation for the first time – we encourage you to celebrate! All projects include photographs of the finished project that you will be proud to share with loved ones both near and far. 

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