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Tobi Wright’s Office Redesign Project for NPR Lands LEED Gold

I had the distinct pleasure of breaking into office design in the lead designer position of NPR’s NY Bureau office renovation.

A gold rating in the LEED green building certification program was an important goal of this commercial interior design project…and we achieved it!
My responsibility/contribution as the interior designer was to source eco-friendly products and reuse existing products where possible.

On the surface, NPR is a broadcast organization, but they can’t reach their worldwide audience without technology. They have to overhaul their equipment—as we all do—every decade or so.

This office design required a few specialized materials for acoustic environments and a lot of branding.
As a former graphic designer, it was such a treat to wear both hats and incorporate branding into interior product choices.
For example, NPR reaches local and global communities—the lighting design in the open office illustrates this:
– The acoustic baffles and lights are designed in a spoke pattern.
– The center circular lights are the hub—NPR.
– Each individual spoke represents a local community.
– The various spokes are connected by a hub—NPR.
– Collectively the design represents local and global communities. 

I’m looking forward to my next office design project.

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