Tobi Wright is a GENIUS. A reasonable, creative yet economic genius. She is also like a magical elf who works incredibly quickly but thoughtfully. She re-imagined our master bedroom and living room and completed a project for us over a weekend. The color(s) she painted the wall of our bedroom shimmer different shades at different times of the day, because she had a vision of layering different, compatible colors to evoke the multiple shades of our bedding. The whole room changed in her hands, and we always get comments on how peaceful it is. (When people pass our bedroom–we don’t generally invite folks to hang out in there!) Tobi turned our living room around too–with a very bold and gorgeous color on perfectly chosen walls and by reimagining teh space and rearranging the furniture in a way that would never have occurred to us. I can never thank her or recommend her visionary skills enough. Whenever we buy a place, I am going to beg her to build it aesthetically. Tobi is a rare combination of an artist who is down-to-earth, of a visionary with a respect for your wallet. She’s also one of the warmest, fairest, most accommodating designers you’ll hope to meet.

“Magical Elf” Client Faithsale • Project Price Range: Up to $10K