Choosing the Right Flooring

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Choosing the Right Flooring

Choosing the right flooring can be a daunting task. There are a lot of things to take into consideration. 

Clients for whom I was only supposed to hang art, ended up being the victims of a flood. Enough of their parquet wood floors were damaged that the entire wood floor had to be replaced. 

An insurance company was involved so the flooring samples were limited to the company they worked with. My clients had a dozen samples to choose from—they asked me to help them make a decision. 

Their decor has a lot of different wood grains and patterns, so the trick was to compliment, not upstage. I also had the opportunity to choose a floor that would make their existing furniture feel more cohesive. 

I immeditely ruled out the lighter shade planks, I wanted a color that would be grounding. I also wanted their area rugs to sing a little more—they were currently lost on the parquet floor. I narrowed it down to two boards. Both were dark but one had more pattern and variation in color. On it’s own, it was easily the more interesting choice, but next to their custom built entertainment credenza, it fought for attention. 

My final choice was Lauzon’s Hard Maple, Antique Cherry in Semi-Gloss, from their Ambiance collection. 

I can’t tell you how TICKLED I was when I walked into their home—post installation. It was truly the perfect match. The existing wood furniture feels newly refined and the rugs practically shimmer. The entire apartment feels grounded in a way it didn’t before. 

More important than my opinion is my clients’: “Beyond pleased! Thanks to my designer.” 


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