Behind the Design

The texture of MY life:

I grew up with fine artist and art historian parents. This means that living room furniture was reconfigured every couple of months; that other people’s trash became our repurposed treasures; that demolition sites were rife with wall art aka gargoyles; that childhood playtime often involved paint, pastels, glue, and construction paper; that Saturday afternoon family trips were to Bloomingdale's and Soho; and that Christmas/Hanukkah trees were spray painted black, and hung with colorful balls. I’d develop a passion for graphic design which would become a career in advertising, and a natural expansion into interior design. After years of developing campaigns to convey the essence of brands such as Stark, Baccarat, Sherle Wagner, Larson-Juhl and ABC Carpet & Home, these esteemed clients would become trusted vendors.

The texture of YOUR life:

Is the inspiration for great design. Do you travel? Are you an avid reader? Do you have a passion that your home can reflect? Do you have a high stress job, and crave a home that provides peace and tranquility? Are you starting a new phase of your life and feel that a clean slate would suit you best? Maybe you don't have a particular style, and you're curious to discover it, or you love beautiful things and want to be surrounded by them. Perhaps you know exactly what you like but prefer to have a designer bring it to life.

Let's capture the texture of your life, together.

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